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Production process

The general production process and requirements 

1: Preparation before installation
2: Installation process requirements
3: Component installation and wiring
4: Inspection
5: Power on test

1. Preparation before installation
1.1 Prepare pictures
Prepare component layout diagrams, numbering diagrams, wiring diagrams, schematic diagrams, etc.
1.2. Prepare materials
A. Prepare the required components according to the drawings, and check the model, specifications and quantity of the components, and also
Check the integrity of components;
B. Prepare various specified OT and UT type copper connectors (see attached table), various specified PVC polyvinyl chloride insulated copper core wires (see attached table), flame-retardant polypropylene winding tubes, plastic wire ties, and sleeves Pipes, trunking, guide rails, rosin welding wire and neutral flux, and various fasteners;
1.3. Prepare tools
Prepare tools such as diagonal pliers, needle nose pliers, vise, wire strippers, wire crimping pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, scissors, ring ruler, multi-meter, coding machine, etc.;

2. Installation process requirements
2.1. Line requirements
When running the wires, the wires should be routed in the wire trough as much as possible according to the wiring diagram. The parts that cannot be routed in the wire trough should be wrapped with winding tubes or tied with ties.
2.2. Crimping requirements for cold-pressed terminals
A. When multi-stranded copper core wires are crimped with cold-pressed terminals, the aperture section of the cold-pressed terminal should match the cross-section of the conductor, and the installation hole of the cold-pressed connector should be consistent with the diameter of the contact screw of the electrical component;
B. The wires and cold-pressed terminals must be tinned before crimping;
C. The insulation part of the wire should be close to the cold-pressed connector end, and the copper connector should not be loose after being crimped.
2.3. Heat shrink tubing requirements
A. Wipe off the dust on the number tube before coding;
B. The writing on all number tubes must be clear and correct, and the length should be consistent. Normally it is 12mm, the special one depends on the number digit length;
C. The font direction of the number tubes should be consistent and closely connected with the cold-pressed
2.4. Component marking (number) requirements
A. The component number must be clear and correct, and the size should be consistent;
B. When pasting component numbers, they should be neat and consistent and correspond one-to-one with related components.
2.5. Wiring requirements
The screws connecting the wire ends to the contacts of electrical components should be tightened and not loosened. After wiring, each wire should be shaped to achieve beautiful appearance, straight lines, and solid contacts.
2.6. Component installation requirements
A. Install components correctly according to the drawings;
B. There are flat washers and spring washers on the component installation. The tightening degree is based on the 
flatness of the spring washers.

3. Component installation and wiring
3.1. Component assembly
A. Install the cable trough first and then the guide rail according to the drawing;
B. When installing components, follow the principle from left to right and top to bottom.
3.2. Wiring inside the cabinet
A. According to the drawing, connect the main circuit first and then the control circuit (except for special circumstances)

4. Inspection
4.1. Check whether the conductor cross-section complies with the drawings;
4.2. Check whether the components are installed firmly and without damage;
4.3. Check whether the wiring installation is neat and beautiful, the wires are well fixed, the cold-pressed joints are firm, and whether the cold-pressed joints are tightened with the screw holes of the components.
4.4. According to the electrical schematic diagram, check whether the contacts of each wire are correct and whether the electrical phases are misaligned or reversed.

5. Power on test


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